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These jellyfish are amazing. They're called Velella, due to the S shape on their fin they can actually sail up into the wind spinning round and round as they go! #SurfBaja
bhawksfan That is so crazy cool! I thought it was a piece of plastic! #hawkfavs #critter
tolema A few years ago millions washed up on the beaches here In Washington and everyone was freaking out because knowbody knew what they were
gatsby_ its a jellyfish?
thisiswow Way cool!
surfire @bhawksfan @___autumn___ @tolema @gatsby_ yes a jellyfish. There are actually two types of the same species one's fin is shaped like an S and the other is more like the number 2. One sails up wind to port and the other to starboard. Glad y'all liked it! 🌊🔥