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I'd like to introduce you to my tortoise, Doctor Who. My dad rescued him from a block of flats in London. He noticed a man trying to fit a clear plastic tub down the tunnel. My dad noticed that something wasn't right. Through the plastic he could see something moving...
scarie_sidknee He asked what the man was doing and then he showed him two tortoises, all curled up, terrified in their shell. Immediately, my dad asked for them but he had to pay the man otherwise he'd just chuck them through the chute
scarie_sidknee I don't understand how anybody could be so cruel, throwing two innocent lives out like they're nothing? When he brought them in, they where so dehydrated, malnourished and freezing. They could barely walk from no energy, and hardly came out of their shells.
scarie_sidknee Back then, I was so obsessed with Doctor Who, I called this one Doctor Who and the other one Rose. Rose was injured pretty bad, he had a lot of cuts and had infections and worms.
scarie_sidknee Despite our efforts, Rose unfortunately died a few weeks after the rescue. We took him to the vet but before and there was nothing we could have done. The good news is, my family managed to nurse Doctor Who back to optimum health
scarie_sidknee Now, THIRTEEN years on, here is Doctor Who. Happy with all the dandelions he can eat and all freedom he can have to live like a normal tortoise. People should not get pets (like tortoises) when they don't understand their longevity and how much care they need when they are young to grow healthy.