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lovers in the playground 💧💧 they were the most beautiful couple. i wanted to ask them if i could take pics of them from above but i was too scared n it's creepy. also asking for someone's permission ruins the pic because they start posing n it's no longer honest/raw/real
bhawksfan Ahhh I like this shot, leave much to the imagination about them. And so all you see here is love ❤️ #hawkawe
beautysleep Crying time
iblio gorg
toocomplicated this is beautiful, and honestly same tho :( i love taking candids bc it's incredible to see the real emotions and reactions of ppl but i also dont wanna feel super creepy bc im taking pics of random ppl :')
dhanes Awww that would be an awesome shot tho. Tapi lagi2 couple ya kerr 😂