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How has your days been? Mines been pretty relaxed, since it's the holidays I haven't been doing much except helping round the house and enjoying the brilliant weather and phhhoto opportunities!!! I have never seen such a tiny bush cricket... I am so grateful for the new life spring brings.
scarie_sidknee Oh! And also, on this one you can see more clearly the pollen on it's legs..! I think I prefer this version more than my last post.. #friends
aurelledem #wow ! It's so amazing, you're really quite talented ! 🙈💚💚💛 My day was pretty good !
karbin #wow that's beautiful ❣️❣️❣️
wanderingfairy #wow ! currently making 2 different cakes. Tomorrow is my aunt, amd brothers b-day (1st!!) so im making cakes for both. 😧