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made it on wow top 5 🎉 even though my engagement is at an all time low, I appreciate y'all! ( or I just need more pink cloud / sunset shots because that seems to be the only thing that gets likes 😂 )
simonebirch Congrats! I'm pretty sure engagement is at an all time love for everyone. Seen it here and don't get me started on IG. I think it just means we shouldn't even care about it anymore and just keep on making good quality content cause its an expression of our hearts and love. Keep up the great work!
eduardogee @simonebirch thanks man! I've noticed that there are still people who have good engagement, even with less followers than I have! I don't really care, it just doesn't make sense haha. But I agree! You do the same! Your feed keeps me inspired 🙏🏼
simonebirch @eduardogee yeah nothing really makes sense in the engagement world anymore 😂😂😂.
simonebirch and likewise buddy! you let me know if you ever want to come to my part of the world! ✌🏼️✨ always welcome.
eduardogee @simonebirch sounds amazing! I really want to make the trip to the isle, and I will very soon!