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Entry 49- I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting some of the phhham today 😊 @ix_xi @nrtna @kittans @ramenfrappe @tevan @phhhysical @blackaholic
blackaholic It was Dope. Even tho' you forgot to plug the headphones (so We could hear you). But it was fun watching you. 😂 #Wow
blackaholic Couldn't *
understandiing Still wishing I was a part of that 🤷🏽‍♀️😂
livingyoung @blackaholic I just used my phone after and was able to talk back to you guys 😂
adalex @livingyoung Brooooo you're an amazing person man!! It was a pleasure meeting you haha Man really love your tattoos btw haha and just keep on rocking phhhoto with your amazing feed! Here a Brother for whatever you need #therealphhham