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i don't want to come off cliche but i really am extremely thankful for phhhoto. this app has changed me - from wanting to go out more to having a different perspective on life. i met some of the most nicest, creative, talented & supportive friends on here.
ramenfrappe it's crazy how one app brought all of us from different countries, backgrounds & cultures together. it's never been about the wow's , likes or followers - the friendships you make, the art you share are far more important than a number on a screen.
ramenfrappe i cherish every single moment with u guys, even with the crazy time difference and u know what? if this app dies (and i sure do hope it doesn't lol), my love for all of you will not ❤ WAS THAT SMOOTH ENOUGH FOR YA
kaathhh Respect 🤙🏻✨🙌🏻