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i guess, i don't really have a popular opinion when it comes to love. #latenightthoughts? i don't think there is one single person that can complete you, completely. i think there can be multiple people that you can have strong feelings for and can complete and understand you in ways others can't.
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tixts but what an odd concept right? but this doesn't mean my feelings are invalid. i just love, love? i love feeling love and receiving love.
tixts but i'm worried this concept of mine will leave me feeling empty eventually because all this love will be on the surface and not feel deep enough. and those who have an exclusive deep love, that's something to cherish. i can't tell if i'm afraid to try or if it's just not for me.. yet or ever?
tixts but it's also hard because i feel like i hurt those i love along the way because people generally like the idea of being someone's ONLY special person.. and i don't want to hurt. love is fucking complex. all i know is cherub got "monogamy is not for me"stuck in my fucking head bc that song is dope