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I would love a cat. this cutie isn't mine but I might steal him, don't tell anybody guys 😼 #friends #critter #catsofphhhoto
___autumn___ @scarie_sidknee AHHHH ILL HELP IF WE CAN SHARE HIM! 😍😍😂😂
scarie_sidknee @___autumn___ YES HE is so sweet, some reason he always comes round my garden and seems to wait for me it's so cute. I literally stroke him a few times and leave him, but it breaks my heart when he tries to follow :(((
___autumn___ @scarie_sidknee awwwww!!! We found a dog on the street once and I took him in and he followed me around. Then we found his owner and he was scared to go back home and he wanted to stay with me 😕
___autumn___ @scarie_sidknee made me wonder if they were abusing him or something