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I've been asleep most of my life and this year has been one crazy awakening. Hope all of you are well! Xo
happyemma Please elaborate as I am interested in your story💖
bowe ^^^^
brittnish @happyemma @bowe haha! I've just been more self aware and happy in my own little reality. I've discovered the deeper meaning of what ''nothing really matters' means. I feel so free and inspired to live out my dreams and to just be happy and spread happiness and to stop getting stuck in society.
brittnish @happyemma @bowe to stop setting expectations and to go with the flow. To never stop questioning and never stop seeking answers. To create and never give up. To find passion and meaning in relationships. Stop being superficial and materialistic. This is what I've realized.
simonebirch Happy to read all this. Keep journeying on! 💛✨