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#thhhisislove I love my friends and family, but right after that has to come New York. Growing up in a calm area, the vibe of New York always attracted me. Everything is always moving and if you're not living in the moment, life could pass you by, there is just so much life here #nyc #manhattan
bhawksfan @___autumn___ that apple is kind of small though 🤷🏻‍♂️ haha... Much love to you Walter!! No doubt the city loves ya too, you capture it so well. City to Sunset, always amazing just like your heart ❤️
a1x So good #wow
biologist I wanna go back to NYC to experience how it is cause when I was 12 I went but didn't really enjoyed it. #wow
gypsysophie I took a phhhoto oh NY (at the distance since it was from New Jersey) with an apple like a year ago too, omg 😂 i love love love this ❤