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Entry 39- and suddenly I had this urge to get up and leave, no destination required, I just wanted to go somewhere, so now I'm here on the train to NYC haha, Happy New Years phhham, may the new year be in your favor 🙏🏽🌹
willpowerful #travel I did the same to Río Piedras last summer. @livingyoung. 😀
tevan That's how the greatest adventures start! I'm glad you took the courage to just go out there. I hope you take some awesome phhhotos! Happy New Years 😁❤️ #wow
kittans i love how ure always up for new adventures, i wish i had courage to do the same haha. anyway, Happy new year!! 💙🌹
livingyoung @willpowerful it's always a good experience yeah? 😊 @tevan indeed! And me too I'm surprised I'm not scared to venture alone 😂 thank you always Esteban I hope you enjoyed your holidays 😁 cheers to the New Year! @kittans happy New Years darling 🌹💙 and keep believing you do, and then one day you