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When I first discovered Phhhoto, I thought that it was just full of people making selfies and food pictures and so on. I didn't know how to make good phhhotos, I didn't have any ideas, I even didn't have motivation. Then, I did one phhhoto, that got to the wow page. I was over the moon. I could have not been happier. I red all the good comments there, saying "nicely done!", "cool!", "I love your posts!". Something hit me that day. I was thinking to myself like, hey. This is pretty cool. I started to go to actual phhhotoshoots and really put my time into this,'til I wanted to make something fresh. I wanted to do something, nobody could except. I made my first horror phhhoto. People loved it. I felt like, this is the place where I belong. People said like "make more!", "I absolutely love your content!", "this should be on the wow page!" And I knew, I was loved. I was loved by someone. People wanted me here. I really put so much effort into my phhhotos, tears and sweat. Now, I'm sitting in my studio, with 1001 people following my account and I can't believe it. I matter. I finally matter, thanks to you. You have made me feel like I am needed. You, who is reading this, you made me matter. And that means, you matter too. Thank you, for making me exist and thank you, for all the nice words. Thank you, for your kindness and thank you, for helping me be happy. You rock ❤
bubblebt woah... i felt like a special person. you deserved it. you took really cool phhhotos. you are really sincere. congrats and thanks to be on my feed, thank you for your phhhotos.
katjarina I really, really appreciate this comment. Thanks and you are welcome. ❤ @bubblebt
hiie_leithamm ayyyeeeee💟💟💟
craigdick I'm so glad I discovered your feed. It's people like yourself that push others to create more.