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EMAIL phhhoto.film@gmail.com FOR MORE INFO!! BASICALLY: GUYS! Let's make a fucking #PHHHOTOFILM !! this week i want you guys to take a video of yourselves telling me why you love phhhoto, how has phhhoto changed you, inspired you, impacted your life etc and end your video with
tixts "i am (your name) and i am phhhoto" ! i want to hear your story, the friendships you've formed on this app. i wanna know how this app made your life better!
tixts by doing this film my end goal is to show the headquarters @phhhoto how much this app really means to us! and why their job is important and how much impact they have made on our lives
tixts i want people who don't know about phhhoto or the community and how fucking awesome it is to know about phhhoto. we all know that phhhoto isn't like any other social media. it's different. it's unique.
tixts we need to remind the headquarters why they do what they do! let's make the wow page fucking awesome again! like posts for top 5 have been decreasing by the hundreds every week, quality in posts have gone down but if we get together and show how united we all are, i feel like we can make an impact.
tixts SUBMIT YOUR VIDEOS all throughout this week to phhhoto.film@gmail.com by MARCH 26th