RIP PHHHOTO® 2014-2017

We started PHHHOTO in 2014 to invent new ways of taking pics together. We had wild ideas about what pictures and cameras could do. We imagined endless ways to capture and see ourselves — and each other. We obsessed over making life feel fresh and new.

So we built a legendary Camera that makes pictures move. We hand-picked Wow every day to feature pics and people like you. Parties made it fun to share and make friends, too. Filters and Music made everything look and sound cool.

Thanks to you, over 10 million people created over 400 million images on PHHHOTO. That’s so many pixels that if you stack them all up, you can touch Mars and still make it home.

Today we’re sorry to say that PHHHOTO will disappear very soon. Why? Because we couldn’t make enough money to keep the company running. Our commitment to creativity and camera culture was relentless, but we didn’t grow fast enough to compete.

That means all the people, pictures, comments and connections we shared — the highs and lows we each experienced over the last 3 years — will slowly go away. We know this will affect many of you in deeply personal ways. We’re right there with you.

Over the next few days, key aspects of the app will stop working. Hour by hour, feature by feature, PHHHOTO will go offline until nothing is left. You’ll still be able to keep your app and shoot moving pictures — but you’ll need to post them elsewhere.

What about all your posts? Find the special SAVE button inside News. Tap it so we can send your things. This might seem cold at first. Don’t worry! When you look back at everything, we know every one of you will smile. Hang on to that feeling.

This is really it. Last call. The end. The most blazing, blinding sunset. A sudden blast of hot wind pushing us toward something fresh and new. The stars and the Sun, Mars and the Moon.

A handful of very special people dedicated years of their lives to this concept and community. Thousands more helped us drive it places we couldn’t have alone. And the rest of you showed us nothing but love and creativity at every turn.

For that we are so, so proud of you. Thank you.

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